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A Product is Born

One month before I became pregnant with my first child about 15 years ago, my mother, then age 46, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was devastating for me and my entire family. By the time little Arielle was born, I had heard and read extensively about the benefits of breastfeeding, not only for the good of the baby, but for the mother's breast-health as well. As such, I set a goal for myself to nurse my daughter until she turned one year old. Though this turned out to be extremely difficult at times (especially because at the time, I worked as a teacher and had to pump several times a day), it was overwhelmingly positive overall, and I vowed to do the same with my future babies. My most challenging moments came when I had to breastfeed in public: restaurants, malls, at family/friend gatherings, etc. Once, on an airplane, a flight attendant who saw me struggling to keep a blanket over my shoulder while nursing in my seat, suggested I might have an easier time trying to nurse privately in the lavatory. I felt like shoving her in the lavatory and sliding her a tray of food under the door.

Yet, after several months, I felt like I had turned into Rip Van Winkle, missing major moments of my life like holiday gatherings and special occasions because I would leave to nurse my baby in another room, only to return when dessert had already been served and half the guests were gone. Still, I was determined to continue breastfeeding.

One night, I had a sudden idea to turn an old bed-sheet into a cover-up to use while nursing. It worked like a charm...but was hideous-looking. I did not care; I used it everywhere I went (much to my mother-in-law's dismay as she would joke, "You're not taking out the sheet again, are you?") The sheet, as she referred to it, gave me back my freedome during the time I breastfed each of my two children. I was part of society again and could finally nurse "privately in public." The baby could not pull off the shawl, was less distracted during feedings, and best of all, I could adjust any clothing I had under the shawl in total confidence that nothing was "hanging out."

With the encouragement of friends (and even many strangers), I decided that it was time to offer the nursing shawl I'd created to other women trying to nurse privately in public. And so, after many months of perfecting the custom-made fabric, I'm pleased (as is my mother-in-law) at how "the sheet" has evolved into a beautiful and very practical 4-in-1 product that I personally loved to use while I later nursed my third and fourth child. L'ovedbaby has since grown tremendously, with the expansion into other innovative products, including a full line of GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing, as well as an L'bKIDS collection of cotton clothing. May you use our products in good health, for you and your baby!

Sharon Oved, CEO
L'ovedbaby, LLC

L'ovedbaby donates a percentage of our profits each year to fund breast cancer research. (Click for info).

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