About Us

Our Story

One month before I became pregnant with my first child about 23 years ago, my mother, then age 46, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was devastating for me and my entire family. By the time little Arielle was born, I had heard and read extensively about the benefits of breastfeeding, for both mom and baby. As such, I set a goal for myself to nurse my daughter and future babies until they turned one year old. Finding it difficult to do so discreetly in public, I created a nursing cover for my own personal use. Five years later, I began selling my nursing covers...and that was the birth of L'ovedbaby, which eventually grew to include a full line of GOTS-certified organic cotton baby clothing. Unfortunately, my mother passed away after an 11-year-battle with breast cancer, but her legacy lives on in me and my family. Having witnessed her long struggle with cancer continues to guide my design decisions as I strive to make the best choices for eco-friendly fabrics and processes to ensure that L'ovedbaby leaves behind the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Our Mission

Originally, our clothing was made of safe, minimally-processed conventional cotton, without harsh added chemicals, dangerous flame retardants, and chemical softeners. After some research, we discovered the added benefits of transitioning this Cotton Basics Collection™ to GOTS-certified ORGANIC cotton. Organic is not only safer for our little customers and the environment, but it's equally important for the cotton farmers who suffer the risk of serious illnesses brought on by close contact with the many carcinogenic pesticides still used in conventional cotton farming today (which are NOT used in certified organic cotton farming). Many of these farmers are parents themselves, and we want them to be around for their little ones. So, we're taking baby steps toward creating a better environment for us all, and we thank you for joining us on this important journey.

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— Sharon Oved, Founder