L'oveBugs Club


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Ways to Earn

Action Details Reward
Signup L'ove Bucks just for signing up for an account with us! 250 L'ove Bucks
Purchases Earn L'ove Bucks for making purchases at lovedbaby.com. 5 L'ove Bucks for every $1 spent
Referrals Refer a friend and earn 500 L'ove Bucks when they place an order. Your friend receives a 15% coupon code! 500 L'ove Bucks
Birthday Earn bonus L'ove Bucks on your or your baby's Birthday.* 1,000 L'ove Bucks
Instagram Follow Follow us on Instagram and earn L'ove Bucks!* 50 L'ove Bucks
Facebook Like Like us on Facebook and earn L'ove Bucks!* 50 L'ove Bucks
Facebook Share Share our page on Facebook and earn L'ove Bucks!* 50 L'ove Bucks


Ways to Spend

Reward Cost
$5 Gift Card 500 L'ove Bucks
$10 Gift Card 1,000 L'ove Bucks
$25 Gift Card 2,500 L'ove Bucks
$50 Gift Card 5,000 L'ove Bucks
$100 Gift Card 10,000 L'ove Bucks


Start Earning


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

All members to lovedbaby.com are automatically enrolled in our L'oveBugs Club for free. Simply click here to create an account and earn 250 bonus L'ovebucks just for signing up!

How do I earn L'ove Bucks?

Members can earn points for creating an account, placing orders, referring friends and social sharing. Here is a full list:

I just placed an order, when will I receive my L'ove Bucks?

L'ove Bucks are added to your account when an order has shipped. L'ove Bucks are automatically deducted from an account balance for any refunded or cancelled orders.

How can I check how many L'ove Bucks I have?

While logged into your account, click on the "Rewards" link in the navigation or simply click here.

What qualifies as a $1 spent?

L'ove Bucks are earned on $ spent on products, less any shipping and/or taxes, and excluding any gift certificates, coupons, and/or store credit. L'ove Bucks are automatically deducted from an account balance for any refunded or cancelled orders.

How do I refer someone?

Use the L'oveBugs Club window in the lower left-hand corner or click here. (And thank you for spreading the L'ove!)

Please note that we do not award L'ove Bucks for self-referrals and have automated and manual detection in place. Abusing the referral system will cause you to be banned from the L'ove Bugs Club altogether.

I just followed/shared L'ovedbaby on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and didn't receive any points. What gives?

Unfortunately, due to limitations with Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, we cannot see follows/shares if they are not made through the L'oveBugs Club window on our website. Please click here to open the L'oveBugs Club window and share/follow.

How does the Birthday reward work?

To receive a birthday reward, you must first enter your or your baby's birthday by clicking the "Edit Date" button in our LoveBugs Club window. Every year, on that day, you will receive bonus L'ove Bucks! Please note that this reward is limited to once per calendar year.

How does the 2x L'ove Bucks promotion work?

We will occasionally offer a Double L'ove Bucks promotion to our L'oveBugs Club members. During these events, you will earn double L'ove Bucks for every order you place during the promotion. Double L'ove Bucks are only awarded for orders and do not include L'ove Bucks awarded for other actions such as account signup or social follows/sharing. You must create or already have a free account at lovedbaby.com to be eligible to earn L'ove Bucks.