Adult Sizing

Our Fit

Our organic clothing is quite true to weight, and is designed to be form-fitting and tailored to the body. Since cotton shrinks after the first machine wash/dry, we account for this shrinkage by cutting our clothing slightly longer than intended, so that they shrink down to the correct size. As such, we do not recommend sizing up unless the wearer is extremely tall/large for his or her size. If you find that you like the length of the garment prior to washing it, we recommend line drying to retain that length. Otherwise, feel free to pop it in the dryer to shrink it down slightly to its intended fit.

Adult Men's Sizes

Size Waist Size
XS 28-30 in.
S 30-32 in.
M 32-34 in.
L 36-38 in.
XL 40-42 in.

Our men's styles can be worn by women as well! Simply size down.

Adult Women's Sizes

Size Dress Size
XS 0-4
S 4-8
M 8-10
L 10-12
XL 12-14


Sizes XS and S can fit young teens/preteens, with a slightly looser fit than women.